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Cybersecurity is set to boom in 2021

Cybersecurity is the term that’s given to the process individuals and organizations use to minimize the threat of a potential cyber attack. The core function of a cybersecurity process is to protect the devices we all use and the services we access on an everyday basis whether personal or professional. Cybersecurity is also about preventing unauthorized access to the vast amounts of personal information stored throughout the web. 

And with more people expected to be on the web throughout 2021, there’s no surprise that the cybersecurity industry is set to skyrocket.

Penetration Testing Tutorials

Cybersecurity has multiple aspects to it, one of which is the process of testing a network or system for vulnerabilities within a strict set amount of time, this process is known as penetration testing and Hackfile provide future testers with the knowledge and tools they need to learn ethical hacking techniques.

Tools, Software & Applications

HackFile believe that everyone should be allowed free access to the knowledge that comes from learning cybersecurity, which is why we provide readers with the tools and software needed to become a pen tester, all it takes is for some time and practice and in no time, you’ll have the skills on par with a team of pen testers.

Latest News in Cybersecurity

The industry is changing at a rapid pace, with new vulnerabilities of different types being discovered on a daily basis, it’s important for cybersecurity experts to stay ahead of the attackers before they target systems. HackFile blog features the latest exploit information known on the web so readers are aware of threats.

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