Online based crime is potentially one of the biggest threats we face in the world at the moment. Over the past year alone, there was a massive incline in breaches of web-based applications where credentials were stolen. This fact alone should be a big factor for businesses starting to ramp up their security.

Companies should now be running regular tests to identify any softer spots in their IT infrastructure, security flaws need to be exposed so that they can be fixed. The primary way to do this is through performing a pen test to keep sensitive information under wraps. 

In this guide, we have compiled a list which covers the companies we believe to be among the best in the industry who can assist businesses to try and help come to a decision about what service to choose.


Featuring at the top of our list is a company based in Lakewood in Colorado who boast 1,500+ successful jobs. They primarily focus on software testing however they have been around and operational for 18 years now and have amassed partnerships with hundreds of different companies, some of which include Fortune 500 giants. Some of their more reputable clients include Kaspersky Lab, Forex Club and Adidas.

They don’t just tailor to software testing though, they also include a full range of penetration testing services and have a broader array of expertise they can assist with, whether that be for web apps, e-commerce or even games. The company are known for their extensive testing and even their own personal testing labs. 

With all of these under their belt, it’s no surprise they top our list. 



Coming in hot at number two on our list is a company formed back in the late 90s. Iflexion are a software development company that since their conception, have spanned into a team of nearly 1000 IT professionals. Their business has a collective expertise that can offer services ranging from testing all the way to programming. 

Like a1qa, they also have a collection of prestigious companies under their belt, with varying industries, such as PayPal, Expedia, Xerox and Adidas too among many others.

When it comes to pen testing, Iflexion can cater to many different scenarios within security testing other than just penetration testing. Their company adheres to the regulations of their clients’ respective countries and works on a global scale with their clients to assist them in prevention of possible cyberattacks.


BreachLock Inc. 

The new age startup, BreakLock, offers a SaaS platform that provides on-request, nonstop and adaptable security testing. Organizations who use cloud technology and DevOps will find this tool useful. Both human and AI-driven automation are used for BreachLock’s stage of penetration testing. The system ensures an innovative and simple penetration testing arrangement that conveys enduring and request-based weaknesses. 



The leading publicly supported security stage is Bugcrowd. It has been trusted by many businesses to deal with problems found by Bugcrowd. Cutting-edge pen testing programs are used to test surface administration. Utilizing penetration testing tools, Bugcrowd leverages the biggest group (with trusted programmers around the world) to create better outcomes and reduce risks.



In order to improve the security of the internet, HackerOne works with the worldwide community. HackerOne opens the gates to the world’s largest network of programmers with the world’s first trusted security stage powered by hackers. Programmers have access to the most recent information and benchmarks about hacking activities, making it easier for them to mitigate digital threats. Penetration testing is an effective method for finding out what the security shortcomings of enterprises are.



ImmuWeb provides analysis and management of application security threats using artificial intelligence. With the SaaS solutions for web, portable and IoT security testing, advanced resources are also provided to empower clients with world-class internet security. The company has consistently produced cutting-edge penetration testing solutions for its clients in order to lessen the impact of the dark web and reduce operational costs.



Any size of client project and budget can be accommodated by Redbot Security’s penetration testing services. A penetration testing team from Redbot Security ranks within the top 5 spots on the world’s ethical hacker list, and we have analyzed systems from Fortune 100 companies to small businesses. 

Among the industry’s most comprehensive, Redbot Security scopes and reports comprise the cleanest and cleanest information available. Penetration testing, wireless, ICS/SCADA, and internal/external application testing is Redbot’s focus. Penetration Testing services at Redbot Security’s Penetration Testing division are offered at highly competitive rates and are delivered by a lean, low-overhead company. 

The company is highly sought after for any size Project requiring Penetration Testing operations. Clients are able to scope both small and large projects with the company, meeting their budget and timeline expectations.

A team of Senior Security Analysts also reviews and analyzes Redbot Security penetration tests. Their high level engineers have been working in the space for over 20 years and manage the real-time threat detection functions for large enterprise companies on a daily basis.


Connie Cole
Connie Cole

Connie has been working within the cyber security industry for almost 10 years now, specialising in penetration testing or more specifically web application pen testing. She believes that everyone online should have access to this information and strives to provide people with the knowledge they need to begin within the industry and for others to stay safe online.

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